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Published: 30/03/2023

Women Who Inspire: Meet Amani Al-Saedi

Meet Amani Al-Saedi from Madina, who holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry sciences and is studying water desalination plant operation at HIWPT with the support of the ENGIE company.


Amani was fortunate to be selected as one of the first female students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s groundbreaking training program for reverse osmosis water desalination plants. She was looking for a job online when she discovered the training opportunity, or what we refer to as an employment-based training program.


She applied for the training program because she was driven to improve herself and her skills and because she thought it would be a great step toward her professional goal.


Currently, she is in the second trimester of the program, and she is one of the top trainees in her classes.


“I gained a lot of information and benefited from the expertise of the highly experienced instructors of HIWPT, and I really like how the institute is concerned with the development of its trainees and how the trainers are available to answer all issues during our training sessions,” Amani revealed during our conversation.



“In addition to finishing my postgraduate studies in this area, my goals are to lead the field of water desalination as an empowered woman and serve as an inspiration to other women who are considering careers in this industry,” she said when asked about how excited she was to complete the program alongside her female trainees.


Amani informed us that she is delighted to be a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and to have joined this program because it has created several chances for women to be empowered in a number of professions.


She shared her story and inspiration for giving good information to young women like her to support the program’s expansion and her desire to encourage them. “Believe in yourself and your ability, give everything time to work, and always focus on the moments of triumph and the knowledge that the challenging times will pass and become nothing more than memories.”


“This type of program seeks to develop the experiences and knowledge of the female trainees to perform the work properly and provides many skills in the field of work.”


She continued, “And I truly appreciate the collaborative efforts between ENGIE and HIWPT as part of the female empowerment program in the kingdom.”





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